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New Mobile App Update


Grepolis Team
New Mobile App Update

Dear Community,

as you know, we are deep in the works on a new and improved Grepolis App for mobile.
Of course, we loudly heard your feedback, and we want to give you a short update on the current status and plans regarding the switch to the new app.


First of all, we will keep the initially planned official launch date for all markets at January 1st. But, of course, we understand that many of you don't want to leave the old app behind just yet. So if you already have the app installed, you will still be able to use it. Keep in mind however, there will be no more regular updates for the old app, and thus we can't offer support for it after January 1st. We will eventually discontinue and no longer offer the old app on the app stores, but we will let you know when this will be happening in time.

Also, we want to put our best effort into improving the new app in a way that would make it a great replacement for the old one as well, regardless of the ways you're using it. We want the Grepolis app to work both as a standalone client to play the game on its own, but also as a companion app for the most dedicated players using it differently.

For that, we once again ask for your feedback! In particular:

What, for you, are the biggest problems the current app has for your style of gameplay?
What kind of usability are you currently missing from the new app?
What actions did you use the old app for, that are now less usable with the new app?

Please let us know directly in this (link?) thread. We will collect the feedback and give you regular updates on how we are implementing it, to make your experience with the new app easier and more useful for everyone!

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team