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Changelog 2.281


Grepolis Team
Changelog 2.281

Dear Community,
another update filled to the brim with many improvements!

User Story Improvement:

  • Artifact: We added a new popup notification when Artifacts are given out, or during the next login. It will show you the given Artifact's name and level.
  • World Wonder: A new popup and report has been added for when a World Wonder upgrade is stopped during the loss of a city. This will inform you of the city's island number, as well as it's respective ocean number, and will remind you that all recources invested to reach the next level were lost, as well as a direct link to the World Wonder in question.
    Additionally, in case a level one World Wonder was stopped, the "World Wonder destroyed" report will no longer be triggered. Instead, the "World Wonder stopped" report will be shown.
  • Are: Spartan Training will now be shown in the Recruitment overview, when active.
  • Power: When extending Powers by clicking on them, the dialogue will now show which Power actually will be extended, to avoid accidental extension.
  • World: The wording of the banner announcing a world's final day will be slightly adjusted, to show "today" instead of "0 days".
  • Mobile: A new tutorial is available for the mobile app on all devices, teaching navigation, safeguarding features and more!
  • Mobile: A new tab in the Activities screen will show all currently running powers on small and large temples.

[*] An unexpected error in certain cases, when sharing forums with alliances has been fixed.
[*] The Olympus temple overview was cropped and temple texts were cut off, this has now been fixed.


Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team