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Changelog 2.279


Grepolis Team
Changelog 2.279

Dear Community,
here we have our first update of the year!
This is a combined update with 2.278

User Story Improvement:confused:

  • Militia Debuff - Whenever your town production is reduced due to an activated milita (50% on wood, stone and iron), this debuff will now be displayed in the Powers overview, for example when accepting a quest. Additionally, a timer showing the duration of this debuff is also displayed.
  • In the Commands window, ongoing revolts in temples which have been triggered by any alliance member of your alliance have been added. This is in addition to already existing displays of revolts in the currently active town and in other towns.
  • "Added ability to flag conversations within alliance forums, so players can be reported to our support team.


  • Some issues regarding awards not being granted after a world closed have been fixed. If you still do not receive awards, please make sure to inform us.
  • Dionysia - A power's cooldown is now shown correctly in the attack window.
  • When not worshipping a god, under certain circumstances the Powers/Spells window could not be closed. This has been fixed now.
  • Attack notifications - The time-out for notifications will now be reset when edited, instead of only changing once the old time-out runs out.
  • New Mobile app - An issue causing the phone's dark mode to invert colors of texts in Grepolis has been fixed.
  • New Mobile App - An issue with the new mobile app being unresponsive when logging out, only working after a second action was made, has been fixed. Logging out should now work without issues.
  • New Mobile App - The Drag&Drop icon for City groups is now shown correctly at all times.
  • New Mobile App - Players reported a "strange noise" coming from the new mobile app - this was actually an intentional sound file needed for some functionalities. We worked on it, and you should no longer hear mysterious noises from your phone!


Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team