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Changelog 2.265


Grepolis Team
Changelog 2.265

Dear Community,

Relevant for Beta testing: User Story Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Silver storage in cave:confused: Players now have the possibility to store silver to every cave of their towns but still hold a minimum of it.
  • Simulator: Report in Notes is now adding the units amounts correctly.
  • Recruiting overview: Units amounts are now correctly added.
  • Text adjustment: The description of Awards for wounding heroes now only refers to attack only.
  • Forum improvement:confused: The tooltip "Change title" is now displayed if you can change the title. The thread title is now updated as soon as you change it. The thread title is now updatable on all pages. You cannot switch into editing mode if it is not your own thread.
  • Domination: The Last Stand icon does not cover the % character anymore.
  • Olympu:confused: Large Temples of Zeus display now the correct bonus. Attack bonus to mythical (15%) and Defense bonus – naval (10%).

Additional User Story Improvements

  • Divine Trials Event: Several features and improvements for the new upcoming 1-week event were added.

Additional Bugfixes

  • Hybrid App: Invitation via Facebook now leads to a working webpage.
  • Hybrid App: Scrolling in Olympus temple screen now works in the expected direction.
  • Olympu:confused: The temple amounts in the game now match the amounts in the game config.


Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team