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Changelog 2.260


Grepolis Team
Changelog 2.260

Dear Community,

29/03 we update to version 2.260
There can be a short down time.

New Features and Changes

Below are changes we've made to the Hybrid app. As mentioned last update, we'll be communicating things so you can keep up to date with our progress.
  • We've created a separate registration page for use with the Hybrid App, as the browser window doesn't display correctly on mobile devices.
  • We've also spent some time testing events on the Hybrid app, so we can already start making the necessary adjustments to make them work well on mobile devices.


  • [Hybrid app] Quest arrows were not showing on the Island view at all, these now show correctly.
  • [Hybrid app] It wasn't possible to drag and drop awards so they can be shown/hidden on your profile. This has been fixed.
  • [Hybrid app] The Tap and hold gesture we introduced in 2.259 took too long to activate, so we reduced it, making it more functional.
  • Island Quests with attack conditions will no longer cause an internal error and an incorrect 'defeat' screen*

* Found on beta, did not occur on live worlds.


[insert closure text and invitation for feedback here]

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team